College of Teacher Education

This course will give students adequate understanding and skills in the use of computers and internet technology. It will cover the fundamentals of computer science as well as the applications of information and communication technology. It also covers the development of fundamental skills, techniques, and appreciation for the Microsoft Windows Operating System, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and the use of the internet for educational purposes.

The exploratory approach to information and communications technology is covered in this course. Students are introduced to the fundamental ideas, theories, and principles underlying the various specializations they may choose to pursue in their course. This will provide an overview of desktop publishing, photo editing, and device maintenance in particular. The goal of this course is to teach students about the many components of computers as well as some of the most important ideas in information and communication technology (ICT), like those concerning networks and security.

This course explains how information technology has shaped our way of life in the modern era. Describe the various computer-related discoveries and innovations that have shaped information technology as we know it today.

This course will introduce students to the development of computers and information technology. They must be able to articulate the advantages and disadvantages of living in the IT Era, become familiar with the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies, and see the potential direction of information technology.

The course covers the general features of basic photography, modified photo imaging, and editing from its basic elements to real-world applications. This course will orient the students on the many uses of photo imaging and editing program from hobbyists to professionals in the fields of graphic design, web design, photography, architecture, fine arts, forensics, medicine, law, and other related fields. 

This Module is to be taken by all CSU students before they formally start their online classes.

This Module is to be taken by all CSU students before they formally start their online classes.